July 18-22, 2018 | Houston, TX

Presenter Information

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Before the Conference

What is the Conference Harvester?

The Conference Harvester is software we’re using this year to manage presenter needs. Harvester access codes were sent last spring. Reach out to your conference liaison for more information.

During the Conference

What audiovisual equipment do you provide for a standard session or workshop?

Presenters have access to an LCD or digital projector, screen, speakers, and standard VGA cables for a PC laptop. Bring your own laptop, as well as your own connectors, if you plan to use a Mac computer. For additional AV needs, let your College Board liaison know. Remember, internet access is not a standard provision at our events. Requests for access are considered but aren’t guaranteed approval.

Do I need to bring my own handouts?

Yes, bring your own handouts. You’ll be sent an estimate of attendees several weeks before the conference. Should you need more handouts, runners are on-site for copying needs.

How early can I arrive to check on my session room?

As early as 15–20 minutes before your session.

How are the rooms set up?

Theater style (seating only). No exceptions can be made.

How should I deliver my session?

Check out the presenter guidelines for suggestions on session delivery.

After the Conference

Will you post my presentation on the event website after the event?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to post session presentations to our event websites. If you uploaded your presentation to the Conference Harvester, we’ll share it with attendees upon request. We recommend you remove any proprietary information before uploading any presentations.

Will the conference program be available online after the conference?

Yes, it will be on the website until registration opens for the next year’s conference.

How soon after the conference can I submit a proposal for next year?

You can submit as early as mid-August. Check our website for updates.