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Before the Conference

When will I be notified regarding the status of my proposal?

You'll receive an email notification regarding your proposal status in March.

Do I need to make my own travel and hotel reservations? 

Yes, you’ll need to make your own travel and hotel arrangements. Book your hotel before the deadline to ensure you receive the conference rate. Group blocks fill quickly. Visit the Venue page for information about the conference hotel. A link to make your reservation will be in your registration confirmation email. If you’re an invited member of the Advanced Placement Development Committee, contact us at [email protected] for booking instructions.

Will I need to register for the conference? 

Yes. All presenters and co-presenters must register and pay for the conference in order to present. College Board offers a discounted conference registration rate to all educators presenting at its events. An early registration discount will be available in addition to your presenter discount if you register before the early deadline. The presenter discount can’t be combined with any other discounts.

May I bring family or colleagues with me? 

Certainly. However, only individuals who have registered for the conference will be permitted to attend most conference functions. Companion tickets may be purchased for meals and some plenary events during registration or at the conference.

How should I prepare to deliver my session? 

Aim for engaging attendees as active participants. Avoid lecturing for the full session. Participants have indicated in annual surveys that the best sessions they attended were ones where activities and participation were a big component. It’s also a good idea to rehearse your presentation. Time yourself. Be sure to leave enough time at the end for Q&A.

Will I be given a PowerPoint template to use? 

You’ll be sent a template with full conference branding. Use of the template is strongly recommended for uniformity, but it’s not required.

Can I share my handouts with conference attendees?

Yes. PowerPoint slides and handouts that you share will be provided to attendees just before the conference. If you’d like participants to use your handouts during your session, you must either upload them to the conference management system when it becomes available or bring the handouts to your session and distribute them. Your conference liaison will provide you with more information on how to share your handouts.

During the Conference

When I arrive at the event, do I need to officially check in? 

Yes. Be sure to check in at the presenter registration desk at the conference to receive your name badge and conference program. It’s a chance to ask any last-minute questions you may have about your upcoming presentation. Checking in with the registration desk also lets our event planners know you’ve arrived.

What audiovisual equipment do you provide for a standard session or workshop? 

Presenters have access to a projector, screen, speakers, and standard VGA cables for a PC laptop. You must bring your own laptop, as well as your own connectors, if you plan to use a Mac computer. If you may have additional AV needs for your session, let your College Board liaison know.

Do I need to bring my own handouts or will they be printed for me? 

If you want to guarantee that attendees have your document in their hands during your session (not all attendees bring their devices), you’ll need to supply the handouts. You’ll be sent an estimate of attendees several weeks before the conference. Should you need more handouts after your presentation starts, runners are on-site for limited copying needs. We’ll provide attendees with access to all submitted handouts and presentations the night before the main conference begins.

How many handouts should I prepare for my session? 

An estimate based on numbers of registered attendees will be sent to you in June. You’ll be responsible for duplicating your own handouts and bringing them to the conference if you want to guarantee access to them in your session for those who don’t have devices with them.

What should I do if I run out of handouts during my session? 

Make a point of preparing for the number of attendees we estimate for your session. If you do run out of handouts during the session, ask an AV runner (available in the halls of the conference venue) to make additional copies for you.

How early can I arrive to check on my session room? 

Arrive 15 minutes before your session. Please try to arrive no later than 10 minutes before your session is scheduled to start.

How are the rooms set up during the main conference? 

All session rooms are set theater style (chairs in a row) based on the capacity of the room, plus a head table with seats for presenters. No exceptions can be made.

Will someone be available to help me if I need help in my session room? 

Absolutely. Session monitors are assigned to each session, and our AV support team will check with each presenter before their session. Both session monitors and AV support will be available and walking the halls of the venues to ensure all your needs are met. Flag down one of these individuals and ask for assistance.

Can I deviate from my original proposal description? 

No. Participants expect the topic to be the same as what we displayed in our program and generally dislike surprise changes.

After the Conference

Will my presentation remain on the event website after the event?

Yes. PowerPoint slides and handouts that you share will remain available via our website through October.

Will the conference program be available online after the conference? 

Yes. It will be on the website until registration opens for the next year’s conference.

How soon after the conference can I submit a proposal for next year? 

We typically begin accepting proposals for the next year's conference about three weeks after the current conference has ended. 

If you have a question about presenting that isn't answered here, contact us at [email protected]

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